Gluten Free   Cassava Chickpea Pizza Crust

Learn how to make this delicious gluten-free pizza  crust made with fresh  cassava and chickpeas. 

Let's turn cassava into pizza! Cassava is a starchy root  also known as yuca or  manioc among lots of  other names from around  the world.

To prepare cassava for a  dough that can be used  for pizza, flatbread or  tortillas, first peel the  waxy outer bark and  purple-tinted inner bark completely.

Chop the peeled cassava  into small chunks and  blend it in water  until fully pureed.

Strain the mixture through  a super-fine cheesecloth,  nut milk bag, or cotton  muslin. Squeeze out as much  liquid as you can.

You will be left with a  thick starchy white pulp  which we will use to  make pizza dough.

Add about 1 part cooked  or canned chickpeas to  2 parts of cassava pulp  and puree them together  in a food processor with  some oil and salt to  season the dough.

The resulting dough will  look like thick hummus. Keep watching to see  how to turn this dough  into pizza crust.

Oil a piece of parchment  paper then spread out  the cassava dough into  a large thin round to  form the pizza crust.

Brush the top of the dough  with oil then par-bake the  crust on a pizza stone in a preheated 475˚F oven for  2-3 minutes just so the crust  will hold together.

Flip the cassava pizza  crust over and add  your favorite pizza  toppings.

For this simple margherita  pizza, I added homemade  fire-roasted tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil,  olive oil, salt, black pepper,  and pepperoncini flakes.

Bake the pizza for about  5 more minutes until the  cheese is melted and  bubbling and the crust  is crispy and completely  cooked through.

When the pizza is done,  top it with more basil  and a drizzle of olive oil  then serve it hot.

Then enjoy this hot  and fresh beautiful  gluten-free, grain-free  thin-crust bar style pizza

This cassava chickpea  crust pizza is delicious  and sturdy enough to  hold all of your favorite  toppings and fold  for that perfect cheesy bite!

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