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Apricot Chicken Skewers

These quick and easy  chicken skewers are glazed  with an irresistibly  delicious sweet-and-sour  apricot sauce.

The sauce is made with  dried apricots, maple syrup, tamari, olive oil, hot sauce,  rice vinegar, water, ginger,  green onions and garlic.

Puree all of the  sweet-and-sour apricot  sauce ingredients into  a thick and smooth  sauce in a blender.

Cut boneless skinless chicken thighs into strips and  season them with salt  then rub some the sauce  into the chicken.

Skewer the chicken strips  and, if baking them, place  them on a parchment  paper-lined sheet pan or  baking dish. If grilling  them place them directly  on the grill.

Bake or grill them until  the chicken reaches an  internal temperature of  165˚F/74˚C, about 15  minutes, turning them  halfway through.

Thin the sauce out with  some water then cook it  in a small pan over med-low  heat at a simmer for about  5-10 minutes.

Spoon the sauce over  the cooked skewers and  garnish with sliced green  tops of the scallions.  Serve with sticky rice and vegetables for a  complete meal.

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