Raw Cashew Butter



This is so easy to make but you need the right equipment. I would strongly recommend investing in a VitaMix blender the next time you're in the market for one. It is a workhorse: I mean it can turn nuts into butter in a matter of minutes. We use ours every day; from making soy milk, nut milks and butters, vegetable juices, purees, smoothies and sorbets, the possibilities are endless. If your a vegan or a raw vegan this is the blender for you. At around $500 it's definitely pricey, but it's an investment, is built to last and comes with a seven-year warranty.

As for the cashews: better ingredients=better products. My friends tell me that these are the best cashews they've ever had and are truly raw (no heat touches them). I haven't tried them yet myself but have some on order and I trust their opinions completely when it comes to quality foods. I used some bulk raw cashews that I purchased through the local co-op and it came out pretty darn tasty.



  1. Start the VitaMix out on a low speed to break the cashews down into a flour-like consistency.
  2. Raise the speed while using the tamper tool to push the nuts down and keep the butter moving (it takes about 5 minutes until all of the oils release and become buttery).
  3. When it gets shiny and smooth it's ready.


I was really surprised at how sweet this cashew butter tastes. I spread it onto hot raisin toast and did not feel the need to drizzle on any honey. Keeping the nuts raw preserves their nutritional value, so I don't feel too bad about eating this yummy snack.

Recipe by Fare Isle at